Merdeka 12 Hour MTB Endurance 2014

  Date  :  25 October 2014 (Saturday)
  Venue  :  Bukit Merah, Taiping, Perak.
  E.Type  :  Mountain Bike

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Event Itinerary

posted on 2014-10-21 13:09:44

Dear participants,

Below are the itinerary for the event:

24th October 2014 (Friday)
3.00pm - 7.30pm : Registration and Race kit collection @ Dewan Seluang, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
8.30pm : Race briefing @ Bubbles, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort 

25th October 2014 (Saturday)
7.00am : Flag Off
7.00pm : Finish 

8.30pm : Prize Giving Ceremony, Buffet Dinner & Live Band @ Dewan Sebarau

Thank you and see you on the event day!

Event Rules & Regulation

posted on 2014-08-30 00:56:25

 1.0 Eligibility 

  1. Open to all Malaysian and Foreigners and need not be a member licensed by any cycling federation. 
  2. All Participants must be sufficiently fit physically to compete safely. 
  3. All Participants must have reasonably good bike handling skills. Mountain bike racing over long hours is not necessarily a beginner sport. Although the rules don't state "No beginner level riders" please make a good choice and assess your skills carefully. 
  4. The Race Director reserves the right to refuse entry to any Participant who does not comply with the above eligibility requirements 
2.0 Category 
  1. All Participants must be 18 years and above on 2014. 
  2. Each Participant may participate in one category only. 
  3. The Race Director reserves the right to set a maximum and minimum number so as to accommodate the number of Participants on the trail and/or to ensure there are sufficient participants for a category to start. 
  4. Each TEAM must designate a TEAM Captain to handle all official matters and represent the team in all official correspondence and communications before, during and after the race including the pre-race meeting, picking up registration kits, making sure all TEAM Participants have completed their appropriate paperwork, etc. Only the TEAM captain may file protests. 
  5. Once registered, TEAMS may not change or substitute the Participants registered for that TEAM. However, the Race Director reserves the right to entertain any request for changes after registration, provided that good reason is furnished. 
3.0 Equipment 
  1. All Participants must have the following equipment during the Race at all times from start to finish:
    (a) One human powered bicycle in good working condition. 
    (b) Wheels with diameter not exceeding 29 inches. 
    (c) One bike helmet approved by the Race Director. 
    (d) One front bike light or head light. 
    (e) One back light. 
    (f) One timing chip per SOLO Participant and per TEAM 
  2. For each TEAM, only one TEAM Participant and one bicycle shall be allowed on the race course at any one time during the Race.  
  3. Each SOLO Participant and each TEAM may have more than one bike, provided that any change of bikes shall only take place within the designated PITSTOP. For each TEAM, the number tag of that TEAM shall be displayed on the bike which is being ridden at any one time during the Race, and that TEAM member riding shall carry the timing chip. 
  4. All Participants must comply with the following relating to number plates / tags:
    (a) Each Participant while racing must display his/her numberplate. 
    (b) Each number plate should be visibly displayed in the front of the bikes during the Race at all times from start to finish. 
    (c) Number plates should be secured to at least 4 points of the bike with cable-ties or any other form of attachment provided or approved by the Race Director. 
    (d) Bending, cutting or modifying of the number plates is strictly prohibited. 
    (e) If any cloth number tags are provided, it must be placed on the lower back of the jersey 
    (f) No replacement of number plates will be made available. Any failure to meet the rules above will result in immediate disqualification without inquiry. 
    (g) In the event of a bike swap, the Participant must swap the number tag to the new bike prior to continuing with the Race at the designated PIT STOP. 
  5. Each SOLO and each TEAM shall collect their timing chop at race collection and return their chip after their race. Each SOLO and each TEAM shall pay a RM50 deposit for the timing chip, which shall be refunded to them after the timing chip is returned. The deposit will be forfeited if the timing chip is lost. 
  6. All Participants must be mindful of the safety aspect of the Race and shall be responsible for their own safety during the Race. 
4.0 Race Course & Number of Laps 
  1. It is the responsibility of each Participant to know the race course, and a map of the race course has been posted on the event website. The course will also be marked and/or signposted. All Participants must start and complete each lap within the designated race course and in the marked-out direction of the race course. If a Participant exits the race course for any reason, he/she must return to the race course at the exact same point from which he/she exited 
  2. The objective of the race is to gain the most laps possible within the 12hours of racing. All Participants are compulsory to complete one full lap for race timing and laps counting purpose. MINIMUM of 12 complete laps are required to be entitle for Finisher Medal. 
  3. TEAM Participants may take turns to complete each lap of the race course, TEAM Participant may only swap team member at the PITSTOP. 
  4. Each Participant may ride, push or carry his/her bike the entire course. 
  5. Participants may bring as many supporters as they would like, however their support is limited to the areas specified above. Supporters may cheer alongside the Race Course without causing any obstruction to the Participants, and certain designated areas of the Race Course are out of bounds to supporters as they may compromise the safety of the Participants. 
  6. Only Participants officially entered in the Race or riders designated as "Officials" may ride on the Race Course. No support crew members, friends, or family members may ride on any portion of the Race Course. Violation of this rule is grounds for disqualification. 
  7. All Participants and their supporters must respect nature and shall not pollute the Race Course or the course venue. 
5.0 Race Starts & Finish 
  1. All SOLO Participants and TEAM Captains shall attend the pre-race briefing. Any SOLO Participant or TEAM Captain who is unable to attend the pre-race briefing may send someone to attend on his/her behalf. All Participants shall be deemed to have attended the pre-race briefing and read and understood all the rules and regulations. Ignorance of any of these rules (or any changes to these rules communicated to Participants at the Pre-Race Briefing) is not an excuse. 
  2. All SOLO Participants and the first Participant of each TEAM shall be present at the START/FINISH HOLDING AREA 15 minutes before the designated start time with their bikes. Failure to do so will result in his/her/that TEAM not receiving an official classification and timing, and he/she/that TEAM will be deemed not to have started (i.e. DNS – Did Not Start). The following series of announcements will be given prior to each flag off :
    (a) 1st announcement - 15 minute countdown; (competitors to move to START line) 
    (b) 2nd announcement - 10 minute countdown; 
    (c) 3rd and final announcement - 5 minute ; and 
    (d) subsequently, announcements will be made 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds and 15 seconds to flag off. The air horn/whistle/start pistol may sound off at any time after the last 15 second announcement. 
  3. Each SOLO and TEAM Participant shall complete each lap when he/she crosses the TIMING ZONE at the START/FINISH straight. 
  4. All SOLO / TEAM Participants who finish the race are immediately required to “sign out” at the RACE SECRETARIAT. Failure to do so will result in the SOLO Participant/TEAM not receiving an official classification and timing, and he/she/that TEAM will be deemed to have not finished (i.e. DNF – Did Not Finish). 
  5. Any Participant wishing to withdraw from the Race before the Race starts shall immediately inform the Race Director and the Race Secretariat. 
  6. Any SOLO / TEAM Participant wishing to withdraw from the Race during the Race shall inform the nearest marshal and shall inform the Race Secretariat upon reaching the finish line. For safety reasons, there will be no reverse riding allowed on the course! He/she shall take a route other than the race course (if any) back to the START/FINISH LINE so as not to obstruct other Participants. If there is no alternative route, he/she shall stay as far as possible out of the way of the other Participants who are still continuing the race. 
  7. If a TEAM Participant cannot complete his/her lap, the TEAM has the option of starting the lap over with a new TEAM Participant and therefore any portion of a lap ridden will be cancelled. They will, however, lose the distance and time of the incomplete lap. The replacement TEAM Participant must check-in with the PIT STOP official prior to beginning the lap. 
  8. The cut-off time for starting the last lap from the START FINISH line shall be 1 hour before the end of the 12hours race. All final laps must be completed by the 12hours mark in order for the lap to be credited. The Race Director reserves the right to change the cut-off time(s) to allow a more efficient running of the event. 
  9. Each SOLO Participant's and TEAM's placing will be determined by the SOLO Participant / TEAM to have completed the most laps in the 12 hours race time, after taking into account any adjustment of time as a result of providing assistance or suffering time penalties in accordance with these rules. 
  10. WINNERS will be determine by most completed laps being made within the 12 hours of race. In the event of tied results, participants who reached the finishing line first at the last lap will be announce as winner 
6.0 PIT STOP: Transtition, Feeding and Technical Assistance 
  1. The PIT STOP is the only designated area within the Race course where Participants are allowed to do the following : 
    (a) Be assisted by a feeder/mechanic/teammate who is providing technical or other assistance and feeding. 
    (b) Change of bikes. 
    (c) Change of TEAM Participants. 
    (d) Change of timing chip. 

  2. All Participants are allowed to ride through the PIT STOP. Participants wishing to stop at the PIT STOP shall move to the side and not obstruct the race proceeding and shall give way to Participants who do not wish to stop at the PIT STOP. A penalty may be imposed by the Race Director for any dangerous riding and obstruction within the PIT STOP by any Participant. 
  3. Each SOLO and each TEAM Participant shall have one timing chip at all times during the race. The timing chip detector is located at the TIMING ZONE at the START FINISH straight. Each Participant must ensure that he/she cycle over the timing detector which captures each of his/her lap times. Failure to do so will result in his/her time not being captured, and he/she will be deemed to have not credited with the lap, even if he/she finishes the race. Each Participant shall complete each lap when he/she crosses the TIMING ZONE. 
  4. SOLO and TEAM Participants who have passed the PIT STOP may NOT turn back on the Race course to reach the PIT STOP. 
  5. Participants may approach the neutral support (if available) located within the PIT STOP for technical assistance. All Participants may carry their own tools during the race or place them within the designated TEAM TENTS. Support crew can only help within the PIT STOP. Technical assistance and support is allowed OUTSIDE the PIT STOP only by other Participants. 
  6. There is only one water and aid station located within or near the PITSTOP. 
7.0 Race Etiquette and Cheating 
  1. Each Participant must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing. Participants riding bicycles have the right of way over Participants pushing bicycles. When practical, Participants pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the path when being passed. Participants should say pleasantly, "Coming on your left" or “Coming on your right" when passing other riders. 
  2. Participants must :
    (a) not display any unsportsmanlike behavior; 
    (b) not use offensive or abusive language; 
    (c) not act in a threatening or unbecoming manner; 
    (d) not be disrespectful to the officials; and 
    (e) not ignore race regulations. 

  3. Any negative behaviour displayed are grounds for warning and/or disqualification of a SOLO Participant or TEAM. 
  4. Short cutting the Race Course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of the SOLO Participant or the entire TEAM. If a Participant makes a mistake, and he/she reports it to the officials before it is discovered, a time adjustment will be made rather than a DQ. 
  5. Safety on the Race Course is our primary concern. If any Participant comes across an injured rider or a potentially unsafe situation, that Participant is encouraged to stop and assist. If the Participant stops to give assistance for a health or safety-related reason, that Participant may report his/her race number to the nearest marshal or any passing Participant who should turn it in to the relevant officials at the START/FINISH area or the PIT-STOP. If the assisting Participant is part of a TEAM, the Race Director reserves the right to allow the next rider of that TEAM to begin his/her lap before the assisting Participant completes his/her lap. However, the assisting Participant must still complete his/her lap and report to an official the nature of the assistance he/she provided and the approximate time and duration of his/her assistance stop. He/she will be assigned a lap time in accord with his/her average lap time, depending on the time of day he/she stops to assist. All decisions regarding time adjustment will be made by the Race Director and will be final. NOTE: This rule applies ONLY to health and safety concerns. It does NOT apply to assistance with mechanical problems or repairs. 
8.0 Protest 
  1. Any Participant wishing to make a protest must fill and file an official protest form at the RACE SECRETARIAT within 15 minutes of crossing the line, accompanied with a RM100 deposit. Only the TEAM Captain shall do the same for any TEAM. Official protest forms are available at the RACE SECRETARIAT. No verbal protest will be entertained. 
  2. The deposit will be returned if the Participant’s protest is successful, and forfeited if the protest is unsuccessful. 
  3. A decision will be made within 30 minutes of the filing of the protest or such later time once all supporting evidence is made available to to the Race Director. Once a decision is made, the decision is final. 
9.0 Race Rules 
  1. Participants shall abide by these race rules and the Race Director reserves the right to bar any Participant from the race for any infringement of these rules. 
  2. The Race Director shall have the right to exercise discretion on a case-to-case basis and he/she will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in these rules. 
  3. In the case of a catastrophic event due to weather or any other extenuating circumstances, the Race Director has the right to make decisions as to whether the Race continues, including as a last resort calling the race as at a certain time with final results being calculated based on each SOLO or Team Participants placement at the call time as determined by his/her/its last completed lap. The first and foremost objective is to keep Participants and spectators reasonably safe while at the event. 
  4. The Race Director may signal for a RED FLAG condition in which the race will be stop of a period of time/indefinitely, and signal for a GREEN FLAG condition where the race will be allow to continue. The RED FLAG and GREEN FLAG or its equivalent signage will be placed at the exit of the PIT STOP and TIMING ZONE, in which the rider may proceed or disallowed to proceed from that point. Participants who reached the TIMING ZONE during a RED FLAG condition will be marked and given a card or similar marker to restart their race at the START FINISH instead of the PIT STOP when the condition turns to a GREEN FLAG condition. 
GREEN FLAG: Race proceed as per normal 
RED FLAG: Race stop momentary. Participants may not move out of the PIT STOP and/or the TIMING ZONE

Structure & Prizes for Categories REVISED

posted on 2014-08-30 00:37:23

After getting feedbacks from riders and participants, we have decided to revise our categories and prizes to provide a much equal opportunity to riders of all age. Below is our revised category and the prizing structure:

Jersey & T-Shirt Design is out!

posted on 2014-08-30 00:34:57

For first 500 registered riders only:

Announcement of Event Postponement

posted on 2014-08-14 17:34:56

Due respect to 100 days of mourning period of late Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah from 28th May 2014 to 4th September 2014, as per instruction by State Government of Perak of disallowing any public entertainment events during this period, the organizer of ‘Merdeka 12 Hours Mountain Bike Endurance Race 2014’ is officially announcing that this event is to be postponed from the original date 29th & 30th August 2014, to the new date - 25th & 26th October 2014.   

For participants who have previously registered for the event but are unavailable to make it on the 25th & 26th October, a full refund will be made to you. Please click here to download the refund form.

Last but not least, we would like to make an official apology on this matter and all inconvenience caused is highly regretted. 

Please refer to the website at for enquiries and latest update of this event.


Bagi menghormati tempoh perkabungan di atas kemangkatan Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah selama 100 hari di peringkat Negeri Perak bermula dari 28hb Mei 2014 sehingga 4hb September 2014 serta selaras dengan garis panduan kerajaan negeri dan pihak berkuasa tempatan yang tidak membenarkan sebarang aktiviti berbentuk hiburan sepanjang tempoh tersebut, sehubungan dengan itu acara ‘Merdeka 12 Hours MTB Endurance’  ditunda ke tarikh baru iaitu 25hb Oktober 2014.   

Bagi peserta-peserta yang telah berdaftar untuk event tersebut tetapi tidak dapat menghadiri pada hari tersebut, yuran penyertaan akan dipulangkan kepada anda. Sila klik sini untuk muat turun borang pemulangan.   

Pihak penganjur dengan rasa rendah hati memohon maaf diatas penundaan tarikh acara ini dan segala kesulitan amatlah dikesali.   

Sila layari website untuk sebarang pertanyaan dan maklumat terkini acara.  Kepercayaan dan sokongan anda amatlah kami hargai.

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